Tuesday, 6 March 2012

End of winter training

Training during Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb was all about getting lots and lots of base mileage under my belt (average 280 per month) .The vast majority of my runs have been on tarmac and dull dull dull. Speed is OK and my slow heart rate runs (70%) are coming in about 8 - 8:30 min miles which means long slow runs are enjoyable!

I now knock out the boring runs during the week so I can get to fun on the trails at the weekend. I’ve had 2 big(ish) sessions over the last few weeks - a four hour run with George and Gavin and a 3.5 hour run with Mike. Both were in sections of Feteresso forest which I’ve never set foot in before and it really does wonders for the soul :)

I’m just seeing the upcoming ultras as a day out running on trails that I don’t normally frequent (with great chat and beer as well!) rather than any sort of achievement. I’m really looking forward to the Highland Fling and Cateran Trail as I’ve never been on them.

I decided to abandon my PB attempts at marathon and HM. I’m too bloody lazy and why would you want to half kill yourself on the road when you can soak up the hills/trails?

First up is the D33 next weekend. Aberdeen to Banchory and back. It is also the week of my 40th birthday AND St Paddys night so I’m sure a few ales will be had..

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